How to Clean Small and Big Water Bottles

While there are some bottles which can be cleaned (painstakingly) with the help of a regular bottle brush, other bottles, especially the very small or very big ones or those with a narrow mouth, do not allow for a brush to enter through. Reusable plastic bottles, especially those used by school children have a high risk of trapping bacteria. And several times, parents just rinse these bottles and refill them with water. These narrow mouth bottles can be easily cleaned using water and a mild cleanser like G-Away bottle cleaner (as shown in video). Dishwashers might not do a good job of cleaning the insides of a narrow mouth bottle. That is why hand-washing with a G-Away and water is recommended.

You do not have to use harsh chemical agents such as bleach to clean your narrow mouth water bottles. G-Away bottle cleaner will save you time by doing the job quickly and easily. Not only will the bottle be free from bacteria, but also any odor that might be left behind in it.

Follow these steps for cleaning and sanitizing your small water bottles:

Warm Water Rinse

Begin the cleaning process by giving a good hot water rinse to the bottle. In case the mold seems dried or hard, you could fill in hot water and allow it to rest for around 10 minutes.

Now add a G-Away bottle cleaner sachet to the warm water in the bottle and place the lid on the bottle, screwing it on tightly. Shake the bottle vigorously.

Rinse the bottle, getting all the contents out. Allow the bottle to dry. You could give it one last rinse before you use them.

Use G-Away bottle cleaner for cleaning water bottles

It is highly recommended that you avoid the use of chemical detergents for cleaning utensils. They tend to leave toxic residues in containers, which could be potentially consumed by you or your kids.

On the other hand, G-Away bottle cleaner makes use of a natural formula which does not leave any chemical residue in the bottles, causing no harm to the drinker. It is also an environment-friendly bottle cleaner. This unique cleaning agent comes in the form of a sachet which simply needs to be dropped inside the bottle. G-Away bottle cleaner is the ideal cleaning formula for bottles with narrow mouths or very large sized bottles. When you cannot use your hand or a brush to clean the bottle, the sachet works as the best cleaning solution, requiring almost no effort on the part of the cleaner.

For small bottles, you only need to add two cups of hot water. For bigger bottles, with a capacity of 1,2, 3, or 5 gallons, four to five cups of water may be needed along with a kitchen towel put into the bottle. Shake the bottle for about a minute and trash the water and other contents. Rinse the bottle and allowing it to dry.